The illuminati explained

Illuminati just means 'enlightened'.
Flip the dollar bill. What you will see is the eye of Horus, with the Sun on it (since Horus was the sun God), with an Egyptian pyramid, that has 13 layers (one sun and 12 zodiac signs, personified with Horus and his 12 disciples), and roman numerals at the bottom which are 1776. At the top it reads Annuit cœptis which means undertaking approved, referring to the establishment of Christianity, to unite the masses under a new world order. The other side of the seal is borrowed directly from the winged sun of Thebes, ancient Egypt. At the top there are 13 stars on top of a sun, circled with clouds, with a latin phrase e pluribus unum (one out of many), in this case, Jesus, who was one out many other "sons of God" (Mithras, Horus, Krishna, etc)..

So why are they called devil worshipers? In the past, there were mystery schools which taught some people the truth about Christianity and its astrotheological origins. Those that knew were known as the illuminati, or enlightened ones. Today, when you mention the astrotheological origins of Christianity, you're automatically labeled as a devil worshiper.
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This is very interesting, I only recsentlystarted looking up and reading about the illuminati and the free masons. Very compelling stuff.

Ever learn about Jordan Maxwell? He's the man who's done all this research. That's right. Everything you and I know about The cult of the Sun (Christianity), The cult of Saturn (Judaism), and the symbolisms used, is from him. He never gets any credit for it though. Btw, the great seal proves that America is founded for Saturn and Sun worshipers, since the six pointed star of Saturn and the Sun with 13 stars is there. That's why the weekends are Saturday and Sunday.

America is founded on the core of the laws, rules, objectives and goals of the freemasonry! Its main stream is to rotate the whole world around itself! And the world hates america, they just wonder whyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

The cult of Saturn - wear black on Saturn day (Saturday), go to a building with the star of Saturn on it
The cult of the Sun - wear black on Sun day (Sunday), go to a building with the cross of the zodiac of the sun on it, face East while praying (the sun rises from the East)
Possibly, Islam could be the moon representative, but the day of worship is not Monday, but the symbol is a crescent.

the worst consequence was that world around the globe just resented religion thinking that religion is that way of corruption! They then choosed to be athiest than to accept such a incoheherent belonging! Also displayed islam as the religipn of terrorism and violence! See
cos they know that people will only know and have their rights and true freedoms but through islam!
They found this secular wave of revolutions and rebillions to make a fake support to the weak helpless folks against the tyranny who is but made in their everywhere lodges! God bless!

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