Heights Of Love

I have realised the Heights of Love and now know that Love is God. It is like a Rock and the Climber. It is achieved when both convey the un-said. As the climber struggles to climb up the rock which the climber loves, even the rock unfolds itself and they both convey to each other without words. As the rock allows the perfect gripping positions to the climber, the climber responds by hugging it more.
Love walks you through the un-walkable.
I am proud to say that I am enlightened by this. I am in LOVE.
...And I have been given an oath in love.
Oath in love is the ENLIGHTENMENT.
So I do too, hereby take an oath. "I, Abhishek Sharma, in my full senses, do hereby pledge, that I will always aim the smile on your lips. If due to any unwanted circumstances, there is ever sobs, please return it back to me with a smile, so that my pledge remains intact and I am inspired to convert it into smiles and give it back to you."
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2012

I can relate to your wording here. Thanks for your story.

Thanks for understanding.


Thank You for allowing the rock.

Abhi, you have touched my heart. Your love is walking me, sustaining me, comforting me through the un-walkable. The climber is holding on to the rock.