In The Moment Of Being Arisen.

My eyes shot open for the first time. At first it was blackness and lostlessness that I saw with the mind of my eye. But as i shot out to reach for the place i saw my hand seemed to become part of the dark. I i stood up and watched myself vanish from the light of my soul. To think the world was simple, yet the world so far apart. I now knew where each footfall would be placed as, and I walked across the blackness. As if it were solid, I stood upon it, but I understood it. No one has ever held my hand ,seen my face, felt my tears, I am alone here.  I am alone. Sometimes in this place, I conjure a space to see the outside world. Upon my viewing interface I see what my eyes see. Staring at a cursor, cussing up a storm, at this computer for it's insufferable stupidity. Of course no one hears my words >.> It's always black in here the only color is on the viewing interfaces. I wonder what hell is like. Is it black and empty? Just filled with endless TV? I will just sit here and forever want to know someone else. To know someone else. But I am lost deep within. Can you hear me? can someone please hear just this once? please? someone help me?
Tarxarin Tarxarin
18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

You're a beautiful, imaginative, courageous, creative person. Meditate on white light now from your feet ( up from earth) flowing freely through your body up to the heavens. Let it flow freely. Then come back to your other and see if it changes. You're only alone if you choose to be alone. Its good to be alone some. Loneliness is horrible. Dont go back there ever. Feel and know your connection and you will know.

I found people. I found my path. My life. Thank you for your kind words.

so soon after a post like this? pray tell...

praying for you to have peace and serenity! Take care.