A while ago I woke up in my bed and something inside made a huge bang. It was like something huge shifted.

Now its like I really woke up to " real life "
Every thing is so extremely vibrant and I am having the feeling that I never existed and also nothing ever happened.
The things I see are just a projection of the mind and it feels like I get dropped on a huge playground everytime I wake up in the morning. Nothing is seperate from eachother. All One appearing in the consciousness which is expressed through my body.
I live in total bliss and cant even explain it, since something inside me knows that the explaining itself just comes from the mind.
Its like staying asleep since ever but now I have realized that my life is just a dream which kicks in and is fulfilled through taking action by taking upcoming thoughts serious, similar to " reincarnation ".
All mental labels have dissolved, but can be used at any time. You start to have power over your mind.
The rest is - since this experience - just simply " sleeping " concscious with alertness and observing.
This is how I feel now.
Really crazy, wonderful and totally changing.
No desires after all

Eating, Sleeping, taking a dump, some sex.
Thats all
KezibanAtman KezibanAtman
Dec 3, 2012