So much has happened. I saw a light last year on Holloween that was even reported on the news. It was above Bakersfield. It flashed at me, like a camera flash in your face. I began to see the flash for the next 2 months. Then came the information. So much information on space/time, on how to live, on how we once lived. I slept an average of two hours a night for 2 months. I would close my eyes and see perfect geometrical shapes with a closed eye in the middle. Then one day, with my eyes closed and focusing on that closed eye lid, the eye opened and looked right back at me, then looked around! Then the eye and surrounding features became the face of every living animal on this planet! It shifted from my eye, to the eye of an eagle, then the eye of a lion, then the eye of a bull, then in a blink, I saw every living being as it morphed soo fast, but I yet still could see the eye of every soul on this planet!

So much has happened, I practice being grateful soo much that I have been able to shut off power breakers in homes during certain bursts of emotions. Its very real! and now I find myself living gratefully without judgement.

P.S. I have included a pic of light beings sitting on my shoulder. How did I know to take this? They whispered in me and my girlfriends ear. 
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What did you learn?

If its real, you won't mind me asking a few questions, to test you. What were humans designed to find? Where is God in relation to us? What is the Devil, really?