Unexpected And Wonderful

I am a witch but since losing my christianity I have not been at all spiritual. I read a lot about " the rapture"  but normally that would be as far as I would read. I was sitting alone, I had smoked a joint and, although I didn`t know at the time, I was in for a bad flu/cold. I was meditating and I was picturing a kind of tube from my navel to my head. When I inhaled the flow went into my head and exhale it stopped. It was like green, luminous arrows. Then it happened. I believed in nothing, witchcraft was private and personal. 

Since puberty and before I have always been a rebel only because I didn`t understand what the hell was happening. I was punk I have a lot of tatoos and stuff and was very aggressive. I knew even then that I was a good person but in general this is seen as a weakness so I buried it. 4 years ago I stopped drinking and became nice. I rejected people who I believed were negative for me. I don`t use jargon because before enlightenment I never understood it They are talking about the same thing. I suddenly understood everything I had read about it this I think was what caused the light. The feeling of joy, ecstasy, I like rapture. So I understood that I had always been correct and everything I had ever done had been totally correct.

so now I read and read. I would like to learn to teach the method. I now feel duty bound to bring down society. Like all my life I have called the police pigs and would never answer them nicely. I was not forcing  it , it came from inside It was the correct way for me to act. 

I have imprisoned my ego, changed my diet dramatically, stopped smoking, drinking coke, smoking weed( only to see both sides I haven`t given up yet. I was paranoid and self aware and had negative self image, no longer. Its fantastic. I have only one thing in my mind at any one time and what I choose.

Can I talk to someone. I seek guidance. I am doing all I can but I would like to go as far as possible. Its real and I know now it is the forward the present direction is backwards. Please help me I am actually quite a nice person. This happened in the middle of January.

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... around the same time no less.

It happened to me too. =)