I See Young Ladies Independent And Being Loved

I seen some young mothers with babies yesterday and I often see them with their husbands or their nice clothes and bags and eating out at myer cafes or working part time and driving nice cars and finishing their degrees and their husbands are nice looking too.

and then I think "whats wrong with me?" "why can't I get that?"

"why don't nice handsome guys ever ask me out?" or try to make me feel special and take me out on a date at night and treat me right?

"why does Joyce and other people tell me I can't have that?"

it doesn't make any sense! why 1% of the population deserve it and the others don't?

I want to be able to cook in my own kitchen and plan a wedding with my dream man. I want to see him and my family watch my graduation from university.

I want to have a baby and be a good mother.

I want to travel and buy a house and look pretty . I want to win the lotto ! and give some money away.

I want good health and a great body...

but today is not a great day to think about that. I am so tired.
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2011

I do feel for you. The pretty picture life is not always pretty, most of the time these women pretend to have the perfect life just to fill an emptyness inside, I know this for a fact (I think I am there).

Well contrary to what TV and the media portray most of us do not have ideal lives. In India you see small families cooking what food they have been given by the "haves" over little fires in the rubble that would have been a bridge before the economy collapsed. Maybe you were unlucky like me who grew up with a psycho parent and did not get an education handed to you.<br />
<br />
If you ever want to feel better about yourself then volunteer. It really makes you see how bad things can be for others. It really did not bring warm and fuzzy feelings for me but it did make me feel less like a loser. Maybe it will help you too.