I Need Help!

i have this problem with one person.. in the beginning our relationship was ok. i was able to talk to her and even befriended her. but when this issues of family came and she was the problem (although i wasn't involved in the problem, she brought me there!) and she fought everyone even me! now that the people i use to hang out with have forgiven her, i can't seem to forget what she did to me and my partner! and she's my partner's sister-in-law! ever since the issues came, she became a burden to me..she's far now, living in the states but i still can't let her go because she always posts FB pictures and even posts that sometimes are annoying! she's just trying to annoy us here..now my partner and i are so pissed off because of what she did and even the people we trust are trusting her :( i dont know.. am i envious??

spilledMYmilk spilledMYmilk
22-25, F
Feb 7, 2010