I Like To Think So

I will not stalk you. Actually this one is somewhat of a lie.

The rest are true though:

I am not here for cyber sex, etc.

If you figure out that I am not that we don't click as EP buddies, feel free to remove me from your circle, I would do the same.

I am not a bed wetter, diaper user, etc.. I use the restroom (specifically the toilet) to empty my bowel movements.

I have issues regarding my self esteem, but I will do my best to not push my problems on you.

I am religious, but I will not do anything to "convert" you, I believe everyone should be free to believe in whatever they wish!

I am prone to sarcasm and lack of common sense but this doesn't obstruct my ability to sense when I am not welcomed.

EP safe enough I hope..

CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
12 Responses Aug 2, 2010

NOO!! <br />
<br />
sharpen those skills!

I will too<br />
<br />
and don't doubt me NINJAHHHHHHH skills

you better not! <br />
<br />
Gonna have to send a better trained ninja then that one to silent me!

Muhahaha I will!!!!!!!!!!! And OMG I am such a ninja, but you better keep it on the DL!

no! dont delete! The word must get out! oh crap is that a ninja?!

heehee :D LMAO! Darn, now you read all of Arorin's comments! Pshhh they're lies! I swear haha

Wow, your so tame =D I was expecting WAY worse sis **giggles** =P

I am going to delete all the comments to this story so that no one can see how dangerous muhahahhahahahahahahahhahaha in yo' face :P

You are dangerous! that is all I can say without putting my life at danger!

I know your secrets!

Hahha how so?! Now everyone is gonna think I am a not EP safe! lol

hmm.. nope you are still too dangerous!