Safe On E.p.?

I know that people are adding me because I guess I'm in their group or that they just add me  for hell of it.  In past week people have weird sexual  desire adding me.  Why me? You don't know anything about me. I'm not in to those things either. Okay. I admit that I like ****. I don't watch it all the time.

I like other stuff too.  I don't have sex tools or weird sexual desire. I'm not putting people down because they are very sexual.  Don't misunderstand. Okay?

Isn't healthy to think about sex all the time either. 

I like watch movies, playing with my little one.

I'm a mother. I'm also working too.


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7 Responses Aug 13, 2010

well...Ihatemyselfwhy:I don't think they will stop. I think is gotta to do with avi of that super girl I put for awhile.

Wish they would stop doing that...

thanks matthewsmommy.

I Agree If I feel that's why someone is adding me I remove them and sometimes block them

thanks welsh.

Good for you!, well said and written, my friend!! :-

thanks Iza. How are you?