I To! Am Ep Safe, :-)

I agree, with the majority who have expressed their invaluable opinions here, Well done to Bob Frost to!!,, for creating this group, a great idea, so people know where they are!!, old and new alike,. I to! am of the same, i don't judge, it's none of my business what people write, as long as it does'nt affect my family or myself,. I am not into! having sexual conversation with anyone, if i want that i will speak to my hubby!!!, i'm not here for that!!! I don't write stories of or on a sexual nature either, no! i'm not a prude, i am very broad minded i live and let live, as long as it does'nt hurt! or involve, children or animals,.
I do not pretend to be someone i'm not, as you can see by my pic yeah! i'm afraid that is me!!, ha!! ha!! and as you can see by my username i am welsh and i am a babe! ha!! ha!!
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Thanking you!! my super friend!!! :-)

Oh! my goodness!, everything is happening here, my son's birthday today and we are having a great time, i have a houseful of people here now lol :-) <br />
Thank you for your feedback hun!! :-)

Omg!!! what a beautiful thing to say!! :-) Thank you so!, much!,. <br />
The feeling my friend is, definately mutual!! thank you!!!! :-)