I Am E P .... I Am Sure Of It Now....

One sad, drunken night, in 2011, I logged off as TheRealWoman. The next morning the account details disappeared from memory. I felt numb.

In grief, I tried to rebuild and connect with people locally, "In real life"...so to speak. In the digital shire of Farcebook, I tried to make lunch dates with friends, call and email. I was left alone, except for a couple of dinners. I realise now, I only have about three reliable IRL connections and they have families and partners... I must accept that.

I Am EP...and I am not forgetting that again. Thank you.
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I am glad you returned. I thought TRW profile still existed. That is simply horrible if you lost all that. I deleted mine too.

Nope..it's still there..I guess you meant log-in details?


You *are* EP....you've been here for longer, and touched more lives than anyone else still on this site, I think.

RL is overrated.

Welcome back.


RL is overrated.... Plus I can get away with more here too....


*smiles and laughs heartily*
Thank you, friends. *hugs you both*

More than EP for sure.... You have done... and met more cool people than most will in a lifetime...



Sexy Dork, Sailor. :)

Hmm... I think you have the right sailor madaaaaaaam........

(except for the dork part)

Well.... yea.... that too....