My Horny Niece Suck My ****....

Having made my niece, Reena squirt her ***** juice in my mouth and on my face made me feel like a million dollars. I also knew that this would be the start of a long and lust filled affair. As I started in my last account this was her first day working for me and to have her be so open with me from the get go was surly a good sign. After having cleaned myself up I realized the time was 3pm and Reena had to collect her kids from school.

My still untouched **** was huge and hungry for Reena soft luscious lips. Giving me a long deep passionate kiss full of tongues she promised to take care of me the following day. That night all I could think about was all the action that had taken place that day, Reena playing with her *****, watching **** and then screaming whilst spanking on my face. I felt like a kid in a cake shop knowing that her ***** now belonged to me.

The following day I got to the office early as I had a meeting at 10am with a supplier and wanted to spend the rest of the day enjoying Reena. She arrived at 9:30am with an extra bounce in her step and looked amazing. Reena made us both some coffee and came and sat on my desk. Today she was wearing a short black skirt, fish net stockings high heels and a fitted black blouse. As we spoke about work she slightly parted her legs, unable to help myself I slid my thick manly fingers up the inside of her thigh, and slowly worked my was up.

Reena said nothing but let out a gasp of breath closed eyes in let her head flop back. Within 6 inches from the hem of her skirt my fingers found her hairless ***** lips already wet and sticky. “No panties again huh” I asked, Reena looked at me and said “ I very rarely wear panties, it make me feel very restricted”. With her saying that and her juice trickling down my fingers I had an instant hard on. Reena saw this and came close and whispered “can I eat your **** today please kaka”, “of course honey”

I replied but after my meeting with Tony at 10am. We kissed again for a few minutes, a very soft and slow and wet kiss which dissolved both of us. With only a few minutes to 10, Reena sat at her desk and started her working day by checking all company emails. At 10am on the dot there was a knock on the office door. Reena got up and opened the door and greeted Tony. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Reena, and as she returned to her desk I saw him check out her ***.

She knew what she was doing too, by walking in a very sexy and seductive way. I greeted Tony and asked if he would like some tea or coffee, which Reena tended to straight away and we got down to business. When she returned with Tony’s coffee I noticed she had undone a couple of buttons from the top of her blouse, showing lots her huge cleavage and as she bent down to put the coffee on the desk her blouse opened just enough to show us one of her huge round breasts. We both just looked at her naked breast, not being able to see her nipple just a little bit of the pink from the side.

Braless and with a big smile on her face she spun on her heels and sat down at her desk. Me and Tony had both enjoyed the show, and with the meeting coming to an end, he asked me what the deal was with Reena. I explained that she was my niece and had just started working for me. I knew he wanted to know more, but I wanted savor her **** first before I let anyone else have a go, especially a guy like Tony. He is white, 6’2, in height and broad with pure muscle. I might let him **** Reena one day but not today.

As Reena saw Tony out of the door, he handed her a business card and said to call him sometime, I heard all this and said nothing, I also notice him ogling Reena’s **** again but can’t blame a man for looking. Having locked the door, Reena came to my desk and sat on it the same way she had done before. This time she took my hand and put it straight up her skirt and started squeezing her **** with the other hand. She was soaking wet again and before long I was fingering my niece again.

I continued to pump her with my hand and started sucking on her massive boobs in just a few minutes she bucking like a wild horse again. My **** now dying for attention and my balls aching to release a hot white load of ***, I told Reena to get on her knees. With her skirt hitched up round her waist and having removed her blouse she now knelt in front of me and slowly took my **** out of my jeans. She was clearly shocked by the size and weight of it, being nearly 9 inches my **** dose not stand up fully, its more horizontal , and hangs.

Lightly kissing it at first then French kissing my **** in a slow and sloppy rhythm she looked up at me. She then cupped my hanging balls with one hand and started wanking my **** whilst sucking on it. This was the best ******* ever, Reena had clearly done this many time before, building speed I knew I would not last much longer, I told her I was about to shoot my load and she just sucked, wanked and groped me harder. The first shot het the back of the throat and

Reena nearly choked, she took my member out of her mouth and started milking it in her face, the next four shots of ***** were huge and blasted her in the face, she just looked at me and smiled. Wanking me slowly and milking every drop out of me, Reena started licking her fingers clean, then using both hands to clean my **** of her face and began to eat it. Once she had eaten all my ***, she put my softening **** back in her mouth and started sucking me again.

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Jul 20, 2010