My Hot Boss.. I ****** So Hard

I had joined this company when I was 23 years. She was unmarried at that time, she used to wear sarees. I could see her melons and navel. Whenever I see her my **** gets erected. To relieve it I had to go to office bathrooms and ********** thinking of her. I even thought of proposing her as I needed her body in anyway.

But as she was my boss I was afraid of it. After some months she got married. I was very sad. She was on leave for 2 months. I was very jealous of her husband.  She came back to office after 2 months. I was happy to see her again. After some months we came to know that she was pregnant, Days passed on, after some more months she took maternity leave as her delivery date was approaching,

After 8 months she came back. She had a girl child and she was now 7 months old. I also cam to know she was going to shift to a flat in my apartment. I was happy, I was happier when I came to know that she was in flat adjacent to mine.

I went to her flat to see her baby. She introduce to her husband. I used to visit her flat everyday; Me and her hubby became close friends quickly. Whenever I went to her flat I never missed any chance of touching her.

Months passed. He baby was 1 year old. One day her hubby came to my flat and told me that he is going for a business tour and would be back only after 1 month, He told me to take care of his family as he didn’t have any other relatives or family nearby. I was very happy and decided to utilise this chance. Every day I used to enquire her whether she require any help. If she needed any she used to tell me.

We became very close. One night I went to her flat. She opened the door; she was wearing saree with sleeveless blouse and exposing her navel. I was wearing a lungi without underwear. My **** got erected. She saw it but didn’t tell anything. She asked me to sit in sofa and locked door. She gave me fruit juice to drink, her baby started to cry, she brought her and laid her on her lap, She removed her pallu and opened her blouse and started to feed her baby,

She was sitting such a way that I could see only a part of her boobs. She thought that I couldn’t see it. In order to see her full boobs I went to her kitchen on pretext of washing the glass. From kitchen I could see her boobs. Oh! It was bigger than my imagination. I decided to **** her that day at any cost. After some time baby slept. She took her to her bed,. She had not put her blouse buttons.

So her boobs were still hanging. I went behind her. She didn’t notice it. She laid her baby on bed. By this time I removed my shirt and lungi. I was naked. I touched her neck. She turned back. Her boobs were hanging. She was shocked to see me naked. “
She shouted at me: What the hell are you doing Ravi”

Me “I love your sowmya. I need you. I stared at her naked boobs.
She covered it with her blouse and shouted “Get out””
She tried to go out of room. I hugged her from back and pressed my **** on her ***. And kissed her neck while squeezing her boobs.

She told ”Please leave me. Don’t do anything. I am married and I am a mom””
Me ”I had a crush on u from the day I saw u. I even thought of proposing you. But I had no courage. I love you madam. Please let have your body once”’
She ”No , Please no one other than my husband has done sex with me. Please don’t do this”
Me ”

Today you can’t stop me. If you will cooperate you also can enjoy, Otherwise I will have to rape you” I removed her saree and blouse. And turned her and kissed her lips. She didn’t open her mouth and was still resisting. I pushed her to wall and raised her petticoat. She was not wearing panty. I kissed her lips while my fingers ****** her *****, She had shaved *****, After some time her resistance decreased,

I knew that she had started to enjoy, She opened her lips and responded to my kiss, I sucked her lips. Our tongues started to enjoy each other. I started to squeeze her boobs. She was moaning. I sucked her tongue. She hugged me. I removed her petticoat, she was naked. Ohhhh what a beauty.I told her, Madam you’re really sexy” She told “Please stop at least now. “

I took her in my hands and walked to next room and laid her on bed. I lied on her and started to suck her boobs. While sucking her boobs I ****** her ***** with my fingers. She was moaning Ohhhhhhh, yesss” Her hands were caressing my hair. After playing with her boobs I concentrated her navel. She had deep sexy navel. I inserted my tongue in it and kicked it. It was tasty,

Me “Sowmya, now suck my ****”I took her head and guided to my ****. I inserted my **** in her mouth, She took it in mouth and started sucking slowly, I inserted it inside her mouth more, After some time she started to suck it. She started to enjoy sucking my **** I ****** her mouth fastly.

Me: Ohhhh yessss sowmyaaaaaaa suck faster. Ï am going to ***”At last I shot my milk into her mouth she drank it completely and licked the last drop from my **** tip.  I pushed her to bed. I moved to her *****. Oh it was sexy shaved *****.

I kissed her *****. I started to lick it. She started moaning “Ohh raviii” I inserted my tongued in her ***** and started licking it. She was moaning like anything Ah eattt my pussyy. Ohhh yesss”

Her moaning made me hornier and I started to suck it more, I sucked her **** lips. Atlast she ***. I drank her juices. It was very tasty; I hugged her and kissed her. Me “Sowmya madam, now I am going to **** you”She “No, Don’t **** me Ravi. You can do everything other than *******. Please, I will suck your **** whenever you want. Please don’t **** me”
Me “Sorry madam, I can’t control.

My **** needs to feel your *****.” Saying this I entered my **** in her ****. She tried to resist. But it was in vain. I started to **** her slowly. She started to enjoy it she stopped her resistance. I kissed her while *******. Slowly I increased my speed. She: “Ahhh. It feels so! Ravi, **** me faster. **** me like your ****”. Oh Ravii my dearrrrrrr. Faster”Her words made me hornier and I started ******* her like a mad dog.

Me: Oh sowmyaaaaa dearrrr even after delivery your **** is so tight, Ohhhh
While ******* her I started to squeeze her melons.
Me “Sowmyaa I am going to ***”
She “Me too dear, But don’t *** in me. “”
Me “I want to *** in you sowmyaaaaaaaa. I want to make you pregnant”..

She “No Ravi… Please don’t do it” I didn’t hear her. I ****** her faster and shot my seeds in her”oooohhhhh Sowmyaaa my ****, she too cummed. We hugged and kissed, I laid near her. After some time I notice tears from her eyes. I licked those tears and hugged her and asked why she was crying. She told me that she might become pregnant.

I told her from the day I saw her I was having crush on her and that I wished to marry her. But that didn’t happen. At least I want to become her child father. She stopped crying and hugged me. We did sex 3 more times that day. We used to do sex even in office. She used to give me ******** in discussion rooms in office.

I used to **** her every night till her hubby came back, even after he came back we used to do sex whenever he was not there. After some months we got good news that she was pregnant. Only me and she knows that it’s my baby, we still continue our relationship.

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