Since my last post i have been travelling all over the US. From Houston to Chicago to Milwaukee to Las Vegas , California, Lousianna, Florida...ect... yes since February i became a high class escort. though it did not start out so great. when i first got in 'the game' i worked with a P in Houston...haha i was not aware of what he was at first but i caught on and had no way out until later. LADIES if you are ever going to consider escorting PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not work with a P !!!!. This is a very tough field to be in. I Left my pimp long ago , actually within two weeks of meeting him. IF you are looking into escorting please plan carefully , there is A-LOT of money to be made.. for me over 2k$ a day.. Have an exit strategy. the money can be spent fast. things you should consider if working solo are what you are willing to do... the risks associated , are you willing to do "GFE" ( girlfriend experience) are you willing to risk you're health for more money? what if you get arrested? yes there are stings set up by cops.....believe me i had a dear friend get arrested while in San Antonio .. what are you planning to do with the money? How long are you planning to "work" ? I know that the Most difficult thing associated with this field is the emotional and mental toll. Yes it gets to you after a start taking things for granted and sometimes forget/ lose yourself... The Nice hotels, the designer clothes, nice restaurants, shopping sprees, travelling, being spoiled..drugs, alcohol...ect. it can be glamorous , but then all those things fade and you are left feeling empty and alone. you are constantly playing a role.. you are a actress , you do not allow yourself to feel. I'm currently making a transition out of this world. I learned so much about myself and men in general. you become jaded and lose trust, I'm in a relationship now with a wealthy man ( works in the oil field) , met him while working . but i still find myself taking him for granted, not appreciating all he does and i have a lack of trust. He is a gentleman, he spoils me.. provides me with everything, and loves me regardless of my work...but i still feel disconnected. I feel that ive wasted precious time and ive hurt myself so much in the process, I'm damaged. I have nothing to show for what ive done. just expensive clothes and nice photos on Instagram. if you have any questions pertaining to escorting please feel free to contact me, yes ive met male escorts too. I had one as a client. I plan on posting on a normal basis seeing that i have more free time. I am No longer escorting. Overall I do not advise anyone to enter into this type of work.
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What did you learn about men, that would be usefull advice to women looking for a long term healthy relationship?

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welcome to the biz.... u seem a lot like me..... do add me... would love to share.....