My Sister

In 2007 my husband, daughter and I visited my sister in her new home in Colorado.  During the visit with her we were all planning to visit her son and his family in another city.  My sister backed out because she was concerned about having someone care for her dogs and also because her relationship with her son had been strained for sometime.  I guess our mistake was visitng them without her but we had not seen him in ten years.  We stayed overnight at their place as it was getting quite late when we thought of leaving and I hate to travel at night.  When we returned to my sister's home the next day she was quite upset and angry.  She accused me of trying to steal her family away from her.  She also said she had no feeling toward my daughter.  She was so upset and I was quite hurt and stunned.  We left her place that day and have had little contact with her since then except when our mother died in 2009.  She offered nothing.  She also gave no support to me when I was going through chemotherapy and a total masectomy after that awful visit.  Can I come to a place of acceptance and not feel hurt by her callous disregard for us.    
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May 1, 2012