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This is hard times. After the death of my mother, I fell into a life of new lies. My mama usually told me what to do and what not to do, so I was up **** creek out there on my own. By the age of twenty-one, I was living in the projects of the small military town. This happened because when I reached out to my daddy he basically had an ulterior motive. You see, before my mama died she got a legal separation from him. She knew that with her health fading that she didn’t have long. She didn’t want everything that she worked for to go to him so, she left everything to her children. When daddy found out that she was dead he wanted us to sign the house over in his name. The house was already about to go into foreclosure so this seemed reasonable. He gave us the false dream that he would get the house out of foreclosure and we would live together. He even let me stay with him in his house with his girlfriend and her eighteen year old pregnant daughter. I got in contact with my brother which to my surprise he was living in town. I told him about what daddy had said and he was also on board with the whole plan. He treated me like his daughter the few days that I was there. We were just waiting on the paper work and it would be a done deal.
On one night in particular, I woke up in the middle of the night from a night mare that I was having. I quietly walked to the kitchen, that way I wouldn’t wake anyone in the house from sleep. From the kitchen I heard my daddy’s voice on the phone in a sort of a whisper. He was telling his sisters that he was going to get the children to sign the house over in his name and he was later going to rent it out. He thought that was the least we could do because he put a lot of money into the house in earlier years before he left. He also made it clear that, and I quote, “The boy ain’t mine anyway and Ann is gonna be just like her mother a *****!” I will remember that until the day I die. I slowly went back to my room. When I got there I cried a thousand tears. This man is my father, the only parent that I had left. Why?
Well, that next morning I pretended like everything was fine. I got up ate breakfast and I called my brother. I told him what he said from the night before. This made him furious! He told me to put him on the phone, so I did. He told him I was lying and that it was something wrong with me. I knew I wasn’t, I know what I heard. By the time he got off the phone he called me a **** and told me I could stay over at my brother’s house. He had his family and I was no longer anything to him. The car ride to my brother’s house was silent. When we got there my brother opened the door and started cussing. I’ve never heard him talk like that before. We were raised to respect our elders. He told my daddy that he would shoot him through the heart if he ever messed with us again. The room started shaking. I couldn’t take in anymore sound. Everything was a blur.
By the time daddy finally left, I was sitting on my brother’s couch emotionless. He came up and asked me was I alright. I looked at him and I cried. I cried for five days. I only stopped to sleep. My heart was broken. My heart was broken. MY HEART WAS BROKEN!
Later that week we ended up selling the house to a mortgage company to have a little money to help pay for some of her bills. The rest we took and put into getting me a place to stay. This would be the start of my young adult life.

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May 22, 2012