My Husband’s Reaction To My Memories

“Are you sure you want to put your business out there like that?” This is the words that fell out of his mouth when I read him My Memories. This is the man that knew half the bull that I have went through in my life but, this question still fell out of his mouth. This is my outlet…this is where I can let it out without the lies and resentment when the truth is told out loud. This is all I got! I don’t have anything else but my children. I can’t tell them what I feel; they are only 8 and 7 years old. I don’t have friends or family that hasn’t tried to eat my soul. I feel that I have nothing. I’m so tired of crying to myself at night. We are going through hard times. I need something to believe in…a way to breath. But yet he cast doubt on that too! Everything is made to seem like I am crazy or over reacting with him. I just want to express myself with something that I know I can do. Once again I’m left in self-doubt and misery.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Thanks for your comment CaliforniaSun, you are so right about what you said. What they dont know they shatter it. I love being able to come to this forum and express my feelings. I just know better next time to keep those to my online family and friends.

I think it's a lot harder for men to express their feelings and reach out for support than it is for us women, so they diss us for doing it. I posted my story on here not long ago. Even though my situation is what it is and isn't going to change, it was like a weight lifted off of me just to be able to share it. Good luck with whatever you are dealing with, hope it gets better for you.