My Memories Iii

This was my first time living by myself. I was totally in new territory. I felt lonely so, I let a two of my friends live with me. One girl, Jen, was my best friend from high school. She was down with staying with me due to the fact that she knew my mama just died, she knew the bull I just experienced with my daddy, and she was going through a tough time of her own. The second friend that I let stay was my new best friend Stephen. He was madly homo and I loved him as if he was my sister. So basically it was three women that occupied the house at the time. We made due with Ramen Noodles and cigarettes. We had no worries in the world. Life was great for now. I still had nightmares about losing my mama and the cruel stuff that my daddy said to me, but other than that I was young and independent.
And then that’s when drama struck….. (To Be Continued)
annshanae69 annshanae69
31-35, F
May 23, 2012