Their Loss, Not Mine.

I have two brothers and one sister I know from childhood. We lived together and they got grown enough to move on their own ways.

I'm in contact with my big sister, but she lives thousands of miles away. We talk maybe every other month on the phone and e mail.

My oldest brother seemed to have vanished. My last contact with him was by phone as he pleaded with me to support him against my sister to be executor to my grandfathers estate and will. That was back in 1998. I miss him and think of him a lot. He was the only one after I ran away from home, to try to bring me back to the " normal " life.

My other brother who is older than me but younger than the other two......he's always hated me. He was cruel to me as a kid, and I think because he resented me and my father who he blamed for the split of their father and our mother.

He lives 100 miles from me. I couldn't care less that he wants no contact with me. Blood is not thicker than water.

I have another half sister and two half brothers........met the sister once. No loss there.

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the sister i live with is the only family member that i have a relationship with right now. i don't mind being estranged from my dad and oldest sister but not having a relationship with my brother and nieces weighs on my mind some. blood should be thicker than water but this isn't the case for many of us unfortunately :(

But, why should blood be thicker than water? I suppose it's not unreasonable to expect parents to do more to stress the importance of meaningful relationships between siblings, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad if it doesn't happen.

no, it's not bad if that doesn't happen but still I wish it were so. i've always wished that i had a close, loving relationship with all of my family yet i realize that that's not going to be.

i think it's something that affects a lot of families too. personally, i don't know too many people that don't have strained relations with their family for whatever reasons.

yeah i have to admit that it has bothered me that things aren't what they should be and now, things have really changed. my dad died earlier today and my niece told me that she has cervical cancer. and how was your day? lol

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I've got three sisters but I am only really close to one. We don't talk or see each other often. The death of my father last year bought us all back together temporarily but over time the contact has waned again. Blood isn't thicker than water, you are so right.

The people in my life who I consider my closest family have no blood relation to me at all... except for my kids.