Mothers Confession To My Sister In Law ............

What good is it repeating a conversation that my sister in law had with my mother my sister in law felt compelled to tell me that my mother confessed to her that my father didn't want to get married but not only that he didn't want to have a family either. He wanted to take back his proposal of marriage to my mother stating he felt he was too young but my grandfather felt different he said "you are a man of your word" so you have to get married. That bullshit had taken on years of garbage like my father not really wanting to be a father and he was a very lousy provider and they divorced 11 years later with 3 children. Please wake up and don't tell me these ridicoulous things I didn't need to know this I already felt the neglect they never made us feel empowered or a part of something but always quick to pick on our short comings and not helping us through rough spots in our life or teaching us coping mechanisms I wish I had a support group or someone to go too ! my parents also needed to be taught DEPENDABILITY and RESPECT, INTREGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY if anyone has any thoughts on this you can post thanks for reading Bella70
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I'm sorry that u had to go through hard times. But dear girl, life is anything but fair, you would have to get past your troubles and issues to be happy. Don't let your past get in your happiness's way. If it helps, I'll be happy for you to share your problems with me. Best of luck!