I Am Estranged From Family Members

As a recently joined member of EP, I have only just found this group.

I am sorry that estrangement is what brings us together, but it is helpful to share.

There are only 2 members of my family left and neither wants me in her life. I find this almost impossible to deal with. If they had died, I would have been able to go through the rituals of bereavement. As it stands, there can be no acceptance and closure as they are still alive. It is a source of deep sadness.

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Thanks Icafewood and skippy32 for your kind comments and helpful suggestions.

there are four sibs i my family.1999 my mother pasted. i lived in philly the others wer from fla and del. the only thing that was going thru my mind was why. my sister shut the door in my face and made me the black sheep because they thought i couldhve done more than the hospital. to make a long story short.we didn't talk for five years until my grandmother pasted and the same thing that i experinced my uncle and aunt did it to all of us.my point is that if you know in your heart that you honestly tried to have a relationship and there heads are still hitting the clouds than pray for them and stay in your lane because your happiness should be within and when the time comes then let the father do his work and you will be healed becaue you focused on love for so long than your life will be your again

Oh,it's a sad issue family,sometimes friends are better..I'm your new friend ;o)

jerrica and kittenhasawhip <br />
Thanks for your comments.<br />
I'm sorry that you are both in the same situation.<br />
You have both made some good points about the fact that it makes us miss those who have died all the more because they are the ones who loved us. The ones we are left with clearly don't.<br />
It's really helpful to talk about this as I don't know others in the same situation. Belonging to a family seems to provide a sense of our identity and also support.

for me, it's my mom, maternal grandmother and my uncle, my mom's brother.

it makes you miss the family who has passed on even more when you see what you've been left with.

i too am estranged from quite a bit of my family. there was a time that i didn't bother me but lately it has. i have only a few family members that i have a relationship with and i wish there were more of them that i could count on and be a part of my life.