Are They Still My Family?

As far as I know, I was my Mom's first child ;)

I never met my 'biological' father, and Mom married a second time when I was 3, Her new husband adopted me, which is to say they changed my last name to his. They had two sons, my brothers, or half-brothers if you want to get technical about it. The middle brother always felt he was _really_ the eldest brother in _his_ family, and you can see how the trouble starts. Mom and 'Dad' divorced when I was 17, and he tried to maintain a semblance of care, but it was not sincere. In time we talked less and less, to the point where it has been 11 years now since we had a conversation with each other. My two brothers have also faded from my life as the years have passed. We have nothing to discuss with each other, so we don't talk. I know my youngest brother's phone number, but I couldn't call my other brother or 'Dad' if I wanted to. I don't feel sad at the loss of these particular people, but I do feel alone in the world without the "family" I grew up with, phony and make believe as it was...

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Same here. It always feels odd on holidays. We can't pretend we didn't share a life with them..yet I always shake my head & acknowledge " what a shame". There's no going back & no repair for me.Sadly, necessary..I've moved ahead & that's not a bad thing to do. still, it feels weird.

You are now grown up men. Start a new life and make new friends and new relative, leave the past behind. I know it's easier said than done. Still..........

I suppose I don't have it so bad after all...

Life like, ;) yeah, that's the word to describe it...<br />
Thanks for the positive summation ;)

This is so much like life! Well, at least it made you a pretty honest person.