Olive Branch?

I am often in a sensitive state and am a highly sensitive person who takes things to heart, I would like to just chat with empathetic people, who are going through or have been through similar things to me.

As a summary of why I'm here....well, I believe my mother is a pathological narcissist, which has caused me problems my entire life. I do not speak to my parents and have not done so for years now, since quite a young age. I am only just 24 years old, female, from the south east of England, and feel like I have been through the wars and come back again. I also have problems with my Uncle, who I moved in with when I was 11, although he is not half as bad as my mum I do struggle to come to terms with the issues I have with him, and the lack of support I get on the whole.

Every single day is a struggle and I suffer from extreme depression, suicidal thoughts, I have harmed myself in the past, I have problems with my weight and my self esteem; I am low in confidence. I suffer from anxiety attacks. Albeit that I am ambitious and set myself high goals, which I struggle towards
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I have much of the same problems with depression. I took the medication route and it is finally working. I think my mom is a narcissist too

I can relate to your pain. I think that my father could go the rest of his life without seeing or hearing from me and not care one bit. The thought would've made me cry before (and sometimes, it still does) but I'm slowly learning to cope with it. Some days, the pain feels unbearable and some days I'm sort of okay with it. I think it's a healing process.. a slow, uneven one at that. I have issues with my narcissist mother but we're finding little ways to get along better. I'm sorry that you suffer so much. Hang in there. You're not the only one going through this. *hugs*

It's good you are getting on track with your mum. The feeling is awful and it's good to know someone understands it, even though I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Thanks, *hug back*

In the meantime..... check out this site. It's one of the tools I used to help me get out my depression and downward spiral into the black hole.

Ok.. leave out the God part. I still wish and hope for you that the right people and situations will present themselves to you in a way that will bring comfort and healing to you or that your personal reserve may be increased so that you will be strong to face all of the "stuff" and overcome 10 fold.

Thank you that is very kind of you! Generally, things are a lot better... but if I think about my situation even for a split second I can never help but feel miserable. There is nothing you can do to change your family and lack of support so it does feel hopeless sometimes. My life other than that is on the right track. I will take a look at your link! Thanks :)

I wish I could give you a big ole bear hug right now if only to alleviate the pain for a minute and to let you know that what you are experiencing is familiar to me and it is torture. Being a thoughtful and sensitive person you feel things more deeply than the average person. If you can, please seek out a counselor that can listen well and guide you to dealing with all of your esteem and other personal issues. May I also suggest reaching out spiritually and asking God to place people and situations in your life that will guide you to healing and self love. Best to you darling...

I appreciate your response and advice, unfortunately I have seen many counsellors and practitioners... since 8 years or so ago up until October last year. It doesn't seem to take away the pain. With all due respect, I do not and never will believe in God and am not looking for that kind of support on here- I'm just looking for friends to chat to. I appreciate your kind message though. I would be interested to hear of your experiences, if you would be so kind as to private message me?