I Am European

I am European.
I'm also Slovenian, but in my heart, i don't feel like that. I love all countries of Europe.
Finland, Holland, Great Britain, Italy, France, greece, all countries i have already visited.
In each of them, i felt like i came home. 
Europe is my ocean, and i'm a ship, sailing there. 
The thing that keeps me in my native country, Slovenia, is my family. 
My heart longs for people from north, south, east and west.
I will start studying finnish, i speak english, slovene, a bit of french and a very little of german.
Every time i'm studying a language, i feel like it's mine. 
Maybe i was born in a wrong country. Or maybe i should be born later. But already now, europe is united in EU.
It makes it a bit easier, travelling, studying abroad.
Don't say I'm slovenian. I'm European :)
Katya24 Katya24
18-21, F
2 Responses Oct 9, 2010

no pa je ena na?a tudi tu gor . pozdravljena.

Totally agree. We are all the people of the world. Borders are made from people. Nice to meet you.:-)