Mixed Breed

People always ask me where I'm from, because my accent is not the same as theirs. Born in one country. Lived over twenty in another. Went to find my roots in another and now in the country where my ancestors were born. So I could say I'm European next time someone asks. But after all that I still feel I don't belong. I sometimes like it that I am a mixture, but when people say hey where were you born...oh so you're not from here after all it makes my blood boil. I'm very patriotic. I could say I'm from planet earth!
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Hi there, just happened to read your message. I understand you well and, even more, having myself built a mixed family who is living in a third Country. I already went through that and now I am worried about my kids of course. <br />
Even if you are from one place and your parents are from the same place, as soon as you leave it, you stop growing with your old group and they will tell you that you are a foreign now. There are many things that you never need to consider if you always stay in the same place. I know it is hard and I imagine you feel lonely sometimes. However, just think that you are YOU. You belong to your family, to your name, to yourself (all of those or one). There are people out there with similar lives . Just ask others to be friends with you for whom you are.

Thank you so much. Yes it can be quite lonely, and your words are reassuring. You have restored my confidence!

I was born here in the USA but mom's family came over in the early 1900's from Hungary. I consider myself a mutt LOL. No really I am half Hungarian and the other side is English Irish, what a combo. I am very proud of my Hungarian heritage, not like some who are ashamed. I am what you would call a Hungarin Hillbilly mix