A Visit To The Dentist

Since yesterday i had a lot of tooth ache last night the teeth got worse i cryed alot so my bf decided he is going to take me to the dentist we stand up early today my teeth was very sore i cryed we went to his work then to the dentist so we had to wait the doctor called me in and they told me to relax but when i saw that needle i started crying they first injected me witch was for me very sore then they told us to go sit and wait about 5min i could not feel the inside or outside of my mouth after 25min they called us in again when i saw the plyers to pull my one tooth i got so scared and cryed again they told me to relax they took the plyer and pulled my tooth outch and show it to me after that we go to the shop my boyfriend buy him and my boy something to eat i could not eat had so mutch pain i cryed the hole way from the dentist so my bf decided to buy me painpills we gone home and told me to drink the pills i was crying and had so mutch pain i drink the pills and sleep after that when i wake up the pain was gone i was so reliefed i never want that pain again
TheLastJustice TheLastJustice
31-35, F
May 15, 2012