No One Can See Others' Minds But Can Only Blindly, Whildly Guess......

but if blindness disappeared and everyone could see
Every mind's Kingdom,
Feel every feeling and know every thought as one,
Misunderstandings could melt down forever.
Seeds of doubts and blame about the others could stop growing.
No fights, no wars, intrigues or hate, no players or pretending.
Alas, no illusions of beauty, seductive unknowns and guesses.
No wonder and No wisdom -
- all truths are clear for each mind and for all.
No thrill to admire, no one to thank,
No need to explain, to talk, to act, to scream.

No artist to paint.
No poet to sing.

If my humanly peculiar senses cannot give me the world
God bless my blindness, the soil for my garden of dreams.
How little I can see with my eyes!
How much I can see and create without them!
God bless my lonely mind in its sacred solitude, and my only way
To know your world,
By building my own.

From my poem "Blessed Blindness"
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May 19, 2012