Lately I dropped into a discussion provoked by an American lady that asked questions about the position of her country.  Was it really living up to the values of the founding fathers, she asked.  Most of the people hearing this were Americans and in a jiffy there was a terrible row.  The girl had to take her coat and hurry out.

There's something adorable about chauvinism.  It makes me think of kids or football.  As long as it is innocent, there's nothing wrong with it.  As soon as it gets violent, it's one of the most destructive forces on earth.  The brawl with the girl reminded me that chauvinism is a matter of passion and volcanic emotions.  Well mannered people turn into predators.

There's chauvinism in Europe too.  It caused two word wars and I'm grateful for the decisive role America played in them.  The European Union started as an attempt to prevent further turmoil on the continent.  As such it still is a noble undertaking.  America and Europe are partners for the better and they better do remember.


America was dealt a severe blow by it's own president after 9/11.  It will take time to recover.  Other nations are waiting to take over.  Cooperation with Europe will be imperative for both in the years to come.

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Mar 2, 2010