Hmm.. .

I don't know if I am evil(I think yes)..I am not crazy..But sometimes it's like I am thinking about..How to kill my brother..It seems to real..Once I was almost wanted to do it..I would like to bind him on a chair and slowly slowly cut the pieces of him.. I think how to torture persons..How is it to kill a person..How it feels..How much they could scream and suffer until they die..
..I have two parts of me..Dark and light..No one know this about me , my good friends and they accepted this because they've seen what person I am..I feel pleasure looking at horror movies..I like the blood..But never hurt myself..I like when the other persons get hurt..Not my friends..But I still control the dark side of me..I use the good one..

When you talk with me you will ever see the good part..

(I am not a satanist or stupid things like that.)
Jigoku Jigoku
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

why only your brother?

Because he destroyed half of my life :P .

Define "evil" without referencing "good."

It's meaningless.

Yeah..That's purely the truth..

I see it fascinating bout you that you're expressing towards us only with your GOOD part.. ;-)
cheers to us.. ;-)