I refuse to go along with religious insanity. I refuse to go along with the status quo. I refuse to go along with gender roles. I refuse to go along with a fandom's victim complex. Every time I spoke out against these things, I was put down. I was treated like I was the bad guy. Sometimes, it feels like I'm just the designated villain of some sick author tract. Well you know what, Internet? If you're looking for a villain, then you've found one. I will be the stereotype you want me to be. I will be the immoral atheist. I will be the monstrous hater. I will be the sissy villain. I will be the emo nonconformist. You shall have your straw man. You shall have your bad guy. I will be evil, if that's what you want.

The group is always right. The complainer is always wrong. I complain, and don't go along with the majority, so clearly I must be wrong. And I must be exaggerated into a being of pure evil.
IDidntWantToSignUp IDidntWantToSignUp
Sep 2, 2014