What A Crock!

I think every generation has thought IT would be the last. That they would be the last generation to walk on this Earth. What a warped sense of self-importance. There's nothing significant about our stay on planet Earth. You're born and you die and you do some **** in-between. I like to think of it akin to a hotel. When you go on vacation, you check into a hotel. You only have 2 weeks to enjoy and your time is limited and you try to do as much **** as you can before you give your key up to the next patron and check out. So you check in, get your fill of all the bodilly pleasures you can indulge in and check the hell out. Kind of like life. And when your time is done, you just gracefully check out and convince yourself it was time worth spent. Your name is lost with the endless list of past patrons.

But I'm really hoping for that apocalypse bullshit, even though I know it's bullshit. I see only one end to my journey and it ain't pretty. If I had any other way of dying prematurely, I'd hope this would be it. The rest of the world is going to hell, offing yourself would seem like the smart, normal thing to do. But I guess it would be kind of selfish to hope for the end of the world just for the sake of ending my miserable existence.

I guess one comforting thing is the fact that I'm not the only miserable unsatisfied patron of life. I mean, why the hell else would you be looking forward to an apocalypse??? No fun-having, healthy-minded normal person who habitually gets laid would be hoping for their joy ride to come to an end. It's a pathetic fool's dream. My dream.
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You clearly don't know that several endtime Bible prophecies start this climax generation @ the rebirth of Israel - pictured as God's fig tree @ Matt 24

1948 also saw the 1st step toward Daniel 7's "terrible 4th beast" - the revived Roman Empire that EU founder & other leaders hailed it as

1948 UN Conference On Mental Health defined mental illness in terms of non-compliance with 'authority'

Aldous Huxley's Brave New World was adopted by UNESCO as model for the 24x7 multimedia brainwashing we see today

His bro', Julian Huxlex, led UNESCO

We have all the high tech gizmos for the global covert surveillance of Revelation 13:15-18 - www.BibleGateway.com

We also have all the WMD needed for the global thermonuclear holocaust that is Armageddon - Joel 3, Zechariah 14 & Revelation 16-20

"Men's eyes & tongues rotting where they stand" is one of its FX

Napalm does that too

Daniel 12 forecast travel & knowledge to multiply in this climax generation

Sure has

The giant earthquake that will demolish the blasphemous Dome Of The Rock Mosque - so the Temple can be rebuilt on Temple Mount - is overdue in that area

Armageddon is when all nations turn on tiny Israel

That's happening more & more, thanks to oil money bribes & fear of terrorism

Christ will slaughter Antichrist armies & rule earth in perfect peace & justice from Zion - Jerusalem

The Matthew 24 birthpains - of all kinds of natural, social & spiritual disasters - are indeed intensifying & accelerating - to bring on the Great Delivery

Don't miss the instant airlift Rapture rescue of all who love Jesus, in good time, before the worst time ever - the Great Tribulation - comes

"NOW is the acceptable time"

"NOW is the day of salvation"

"TODAY, if you hear God's voice - as His Word is preached - don't harden your heart

Ask Jesus to forgive all your sin & to live in your heart as Saviour & Lord

Oh yeah, well Genesis 38:3-10

Is that a loaded 38, punk?

How @ Ezekiel 38: the alliances are being formed

Peace past understanding comes from the Prince of Peace to all who trust Him

& take Him at His Word

Sorry man, can't tell if you trollin or not.

Do you really believe something big is going to happen Dec 21? That's the date, right? Are you looking forward to it?

I think I've done alright by my neighbours to not deserve burning in hell for an eternity for not submitting to Allah's will. Maybe purgatory but hopefully he'll cut a brother some slack.