Controversial, But So Interesting!

Now this has a potential for interesting dialogue. I mean, on one lets look at what we've got. We're shooting protons at each other, which by itself is stunning. Just think of the implications of that. But I mean, the things we can learn from this!?!? We can learn about energy, antimatter.... but more importantly, about the fundamental laws of nature. We could learn exactly how the big bang played out! How it all happened! Maybe how WE all happened! That'd be crazy!... On the other side, we may also very well create a black hole within our own planet that would consume us within seconds and kill everything we ever knew that existed.

I'm not even going to approach the religious side of this. That's not really my domain. But there's definitely implications there. Feel free to post any kind of comments on how you feel and what you think about this. Hey, 40 years ago today we landed on the moon. A couple years from now, we might learn how the universe began!
WonderlustKing WonderlustKing
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Well, at least the chances are slim. lol. But who knows?

Not worried about blackholes destroying the Earth or anything? LOL!