(Should be in an art group but couldnt find suitable one .. just feel excited and inspired by the possibilities ... )

I am fascinated by Juliana Santacruz Herrera's sculptures.

A form of crochet- based street art, she applys braided fabric in looped forms to cracks in the sidewalks of Paris.

There are lots of internet photo's
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ooooh...I am excited too! Those guerrilla artists are so much fun. <br />
Rebel Beautification Program :-)

Makes me want to get out there and .. hmmm .. not sure yet :)

I like that - Rebel Beautification Program... and the idea putting colours in street cracks... any cracks even! This is simply awesome. *must google per Tas' advice*

It must be so unexpected and smile-producing to be walking down the sidewalks of Paris and coming upon one of her installations!<br />
<br />
One of the articles about her called her a yarn that :-)

Yep, in the greyest dingy places there is suddenly this little tangle of colour .. it's well cool :)


: )

took me a while, looking at the pictures, to figure out what it is ... what an unusual and very cool idea!

There is another artist I just found who illustrates chewing gum blotches on the pavement :)
Love it all!!