It looks as though I may finally get my shower this week. I've been waiting six months for this delightful time to arrive, at last I'm the next job on the plumbers list. Admittedly the down side is I now have to find somewhere to stash everything from the bathroom, which when you like in a place the size of a dolls house ain't easy! I'm still trying to work out come they need three days to fit a shower over a bath but what do I know! As long as it gets done I don't care! Yippee!!!
Illiteratetroll Illiteratetroll
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Thanks! Been trying to get this sorted for soooo long, feck knows where I'm going to stash everything though, this will be a most interesting evening!

lmfao im sure you'll figure it out

Me thinks I'm going to procrastinate for a while longer, in the hope that inspiration strikes, having thirty odd pictures on the walls and a similar number of glass paper weights on the windowsill as well as all the usual bathroom stuff is going to make this a tad difficult!!! Ekkkkk! Help!