So Excited That I Was Almost In Tears

Well, i am always excited, but this time i am VERY VERY excited.

my boyfriend's mom called me today to confirm buying a plane ticket for his HOMECOMING FROM IRAQ. oh my goodness, iwas on the bus while i was talking to her and missed the stop cause i was so distracted. i swear when i got off the phone i was almost in tears from joy.  it has been a long/short 7 months, i know i still have less 40 days, but it will fly by and wow i can't contain how excited i am, i constantly talk about it and think about it and wonder what the reunion will be like. i am so excited that i will finally be able to touch him and feel him again and especially for the RELIEF. i will be relieved to have him in my arms and be in his arms again.

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6 Responses Feb 11, 2009

This actually made my day

So happy for you! I hope that your happiness will just increase over the years!

That's amazing!!!! 👍🏾

care him with best of your abilities

So happy for you! My husband is deployed, he's been gone for almost 4 months now.I am so depressed.I may not see him until 97/15.A whole year w/out my hubby.This is a very sad time for me. I understand how you feel! Enjoy your reunion!!!

Best feeling in the world is coming home from a combat zone to those you love. Happy for you! (US Army 26 years)