It's A............boy!!!!!!!!!

I am excited. My girlfriend is pregnant and not so much excited she is having a baby and we don't have that much money, but at least she's having a boy and I always said to myself if I'm gonna be a daddy I wanted a son so I can teach it sports and we can do some male bonding. I can't wait til' he arrives. It is going to be lots of fun and my girlfriend is not that thrilled about the idea of being pregnant or having a baby anymore and heard these horror stories from all her older friends and siblings who have children. What a way to ruin the moment and kill my day. I was jumping up and down outside in the gyno parking lot that's how excited I was. My girlfriend laughed at me for it.
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Congratulations! I wish you have good daddy bonding with your son. Its nice to heard from a father who excited for his family. What a responsible parents! God bless your family!

It's so cool that you're happy about it! I guess after hearing so many stories about women getting pregnant and their boyfriends ditching them, it's great to hear a good story. =) So encouraging. Aww. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you all for your advice and comments, much apreciated. ~jason

That's awesome!! Congrats!!! I have a 6yr old son and he is wonderful. Let me tell you when you have kids time FLIES fast! So cherish every second. My major advice,speaking from my own personal experience,when you go to change his diaper,use a cloth diaper or maybe a washcloth and as soon as you whip that diaper off be ready to put the washcloth on his winkie,when it hits the air I guess it gets cold or something,because I got sprayed quite a few times before I figured out a solution. Use your pediatrician for everything. If you need to know they are there to help. Tell your girlfriend not to worry and stop listening to those horror stories.It is different for every woman and the Dr's and nurses are right there. Again,Congrats!!! Peace,J