in our school toilet the stalls dont have doors. i really love that. that way the toilets stay clean and i always feel connected to the girl next to me.. like a universal peeing sisterhood. i was always jealous of men who can stand next to each other peeing.
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want me to pee in front of u?

hoped you liked to watch the other girls peeing.

I never thought of this before, having stood next to men[ I don't know] to pee all my life....until you mentioned it. It is a very good point, and I have noticed when I'm in a group, the women rarely pee alone, they always take a friend or two with them.

Im exited about that too add me please

Do you like to watch them?

How have you been a naughty girl?

I'd love to talk more!

I love girls who pee too. Maybe we could be friends?

It's a good thing your not a man., cause if you where to watch the wrong man pee you would get beat up. Men learn at a young age to either look at where they are peeing or look at the wall or ceiling. It's disrespectful to look at another person peeing