every year a school since 1rst grade(thats when they took grades)i have been expeced by my parents 2 make perfect grades. all the way through 5th grade i made straight a's and was teased 4 it. when i got 2 6th grade, i started getting b's and c's. that wasn't acceptable 4 my dad. he would hit me,yell at me,cuss,etc. when i got 2 7th grade i pulled my self up to a's and high b's. this still wasn't good enough for my dad. so the punishment continued. then my mom realized she couldnt take the tension and sadness in our house and my parents divorce.it made me feel it was my fault. now i still make all a's and am scared to make anything less. i feel pressured to make good grades. :( and its hard. anyone else feel like this at times??

blondechic01 blondechic01
Mar 27, 2009