Bad Perimenopause

Hi I don't want to scare anyone away but would like to hear if anyone else it having a tough time with this too.Mine has been going on for over a year now but I guess being on the birth control pill I really didn't realize it. I went off of the pill because of awful headaches, even on low dose, which my doctor never said you might have some side affects after being on them for 16 years. Within a month my world fell apart, severe anxiety, hot flushes, weird feelings of pressure in my head, sudden aches and pains, indegestion, no desire for sex extreme irritability, crying, shaky and of course sleeplessness. Doctor said not from cold turkey off of pill and said anti-depressant would help. It didn't. Asked to go back on pill and said no and wrote another script for another anti, didn't take it because of reaction to the first one was so awful. Called and asked about something natural called in another script of anti. didn't take. Went for my pap and asked about remifem and said will write another script for something better(another anti) I am at wits end why is his only answere anti-depressants? I wanted to go through this as naturally as possible but my symptoms are so bad I had hoped he would have other answeres in the natural way but doesn't . Does anyone have any advice feel good some days then terrible other days. Really need some hope this gets better
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I tend to feel like I am going crazy with this thing and the anger and irritibility is immense. Getting ready to try Estrogen tonight.

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am new to this site. I am 48 yrs old and going through Perimenopause. I really thought I was going crazy, feelings of depression, anxiety and panic. Just a complete feeling of not wanting to get out of bed. Very very moody, I read this article about Perimenopause and put me at ease. All of my symptoms are on this list of 35 symptoms. I think I have 33 out of the 35. Got my period five days early this month, just want to sleep. If you look up symptoms of Perimen. You will feel a bit better, your not alone and not crazy. Feel better!!

Hi, yes, yes!!! It changes all the time. One day wake up feeling great, good sleep and the next day, anxiety, weird pressure in head, nervousness, depression, feelings like I'm failing and falling apart. You are not going crazy and you're not alone. Susan Weeds book: "The Menopausal Years" was a gift from above. What has helped me was taking the herbal Ashwaganda every day. Read up on it and see if it would help you. Settles and balances the nervous system. I drink Nettle tea every morning I wake up on edge… soothes the adrenals. Dr. gave me natural form of protestrogen but not sure if it's working or not, like the herbals more. Motherwort tincture is something EVERY woman going through peri should be taking and keeping by the bedside table for nighttime sleep and heart palpations,,,, stops them cold turkey and restful sleep follows. Doesn't make you tired, just soothes the nervous system. Good luck.

Thank You so much, I will try everything and anything. Good luck to you too, there has to be an end eventually. lol!! God Bless

I was recently informed by my gyne. that I'm perimenopausal. My reaction, "What!? I'm only 38!" (39 next month). I came home and researched and was shocked to find that all my symptoms mirror perimenopause. My biggest issue is anxiety and melancholy. Yes, all the other symptoms are terrible, but tolerable at the moment. After a whole lot of reading I've found Estroven. It's supposed to help with mood and memory, amongst other things. I'm going to give it a try it hopes it'll help. A friend of friend has been on it for years and swears by it. Look it up, maybe it's an option for you too.

Curious if the Estoven you started taking in Jan. has helped with the anxiety and depression. Would love to hear. Also have friends who've taken it but some good reviews and some not. I guess it's better than a prescription of Zoloft or other anxiety/depression med.

A year is a long time. I am so sorry you are going through this!

Me too! Started out of the blue @age 46 and I am 48 and still have some TERRIBLE days! I am on estrogen patch (still have my period) and low dose progesterone, also Buspirone for anxiety. Not one of these is totally doing the trick but I am managing anxiety by exercise, journaling, supplements, and talk therapy! Dread going back on SSRI'S, they make me extremely nauseated :(

I have been on Paxil for 15 years, I also take Xanax when anxiety is really bad. I do have to admit that exercise, just walking on the treadmill does help with feeling depressed and nervous. Feel Good!!

My doctor told me to try a Vitamin called Black kocah, and Soy vitamins. When i tried them the hot flashes we a lot less. But they need to be taken on a daily basis in order to work.