I have recently been diagnosed with OVR (Ovarian Remnant Syndrome) by my Gyn/Oncology. I had never heard of this before and it terrifies me that I don't personally know anyone who has. Coming from a family of women who have had hysterectomies with no complications, I have to question if this is something that could have and should have been prevented by my Dr.'s. It just doesn't make sense to me that I know so many people who have been through a hysterectomy but none of them had the issues I am having. When I had my hysterectomy in 2010, they only took my utuerus. It was done abdominally and the Dr.'s reason for that was that he could not remove it lapro or vaginally. He tried while I was under and then decided to go forward with the abdominal. Shortly there after, I started experiencing pain in my sides. (both) and issues with urinating. I had never had an issue prior to my surgery with my kidneys or bladder. For a year they told me I either had a U.T.I. or a bladder infection. I asked why I was having these issues now and they simply told me it comes with the territory of being a female. In December of 2012 they realized, after trying to cut it out in the office twice, that I had a prolapsed right tube and that it had grown to the pelvic wall. So in Jan 2013, they operated to remove the right ovary and tube. Still leaving me with my left ovary. By May, I was back in the Gyn office again. Still experiencing the same issues. Still again they informed me I had a bladder infection, or a U.T.I... I asked why I kept getting these as I am not a nasty person. I take very good care of myself, as does my husband of 25 years. Still, I got the same excuse.. "It's just the way it is for women"... In Aug of 2013, I saw a GYN/Oncology and she informed me that I had ALOT of adhessions and scar tissue... As a matter of fact, the tech doing my ultra sound had this look on her face and I asked her what she saw at which she just looked at me with her mouth opened and said "It's a mess in there"... In Dec. of 2013, I had yet another surgery, this time to remove the left ovary and my gall bladder and any remnants left from the right ovary. .. It was done laproscopic and I was thrilled because they didn't have to cut me open this time. But the Dr.'s informed me that they saw nothing on the right side this time. But yet again, within two months, I began hurting again. When I returned to the same Dr. she informed me that she didn't see it because she was looking in the wrong place for it. The remnant has attached to my lower bladder where the tube from my kidney runs into my bladder. This putting me at very high risk to possibly have to wear a catheter for the rest of my life. The Dr. gave me the options of taking birth control for three months to see if it would help to shrink the cysts enough to ease the pain, or to go forward with having the surgery... I have been taking the birth control for a month now and my pain seems to be getting worse. I constantly hurt in my lower right abdomen and I have this discharge that at times smells horrible. That being an issue itself with my self esteem but.... I'm terrified. I don't know who else to talk too, or who to go to for advise because no one I know personally has a clue of what I am talking about. Can someone please help me.. All the stories I am reading have yet to find a solution and I am growing more afraid all the time. :(
Chelle1971 Chelle1971
46-50, F
Aug 24, 2014