Okay so my daja vu is really scary, it makes me feel sick, weak, takes m breathe, and sometimes makes me scared. Scared cause i know iv been here before, smelt the same smell before, saw peoples faces that iv never saw before, scored the same goal, like i knew the score, before the score even happened. for example. I tend to dream alot of dreams that seem so bullshit, and i tend to question myself what was this dream about.. who was these people, and then when i play a football game on sunday, i see the people, the same people in my dreams, and small stuff like the way his hair is, the way they talk, the smell of the area at there ground, and im starting to get this so oftern its not even funny, i try to tell my father and brother and mother but they dont understand how serious this is, sometimes i know things happen before they do therself, but it happens so quick you cant change the things youve saw.. you just freeze for like 15 seconds and then in sinks in holly ****, this is my dream, this is what it means, and for those seconds i feel like i want to cry.. like why does it keep happening, is it a health issue, is it me allready being here before, like what is it ? theres a theory and it scares me, it says ' what if dajavu is a cheakpoint, and everytime you get dajaview you are sent back to a checkpoint to make things better' and honestly i question everything i do, is this normal ? do any of you feel like this ? had anything simular to this ? id love to feel like theres otheres experiencing the same as me. thanks for reading.
RossSaxon94 RossSaxon94
22-25, M
Aug 17, 2014