I Love The Taste Of Precum

Ok since you have read some of my stories I have told you all a few things about my boy sex life. Well one thing I didn't tell was that I like the taste of precum more than ***. Yes I would drink a bucketful of the stuff and I love the taste of it. When I was a boy and was able to make the stuff I wanted to taste all of my friends who said they were now making *****. I knew that some boys would make more than others and I was
having a ball dripping my stuff when I thought of my best friend and how we would fool around together and find our ***** slippery with precum..

I know all men and boys have tried it, some like it and some don't it is the same as drinking *** some hate the taste and some can't get enough
of it. At scout camps we would tell stories and they were the sexy ones and we were nude as we wanted to see who was dribbling the clear stuff.
we didn't know what it was called back then but it sure made our fingers slippery when it came to ******* off.

So after keeping ourselves entertained so to see who was getting excited and making precum was on the cards. We would see who could make a long strand and see who's went down the longest and then we would feast on the stuff as it sure turned us horny boyscouts
on until we had to jerk off as our balls would swell if we didn't shoot our goo. So yes being a teen who could make precum and loved to sjow it off as it came out of our pee holes was enough to turn a straight boy into a precumming lover.

Just asking how did you treat precum and how did you get aroused to make the stuff. Would love to hear your stories.

Not my problem.
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46-50, M
May 12, 2012