Every Day!

How do I stop it? I don't. I don't want too.

Truthfully, I have caught myself walking differently. And I actually have to sometimes force myself to tone it down down the way I walk so others don't notice.

It just feels right and natural the way my pelvis, hips, butt and legs have developed and work in concert to give me a wonderful sway in my walk. There are even times, when the material is stretched just right over my derriere that even my cheeks jiggle with the sway. 

Ohhhh! Wonderful feeling when walking too.

It wasn't disconcerting to me, however some others saw it and stared or commented. So, I toned it down when at work.

I never really was a masculine person in any way, shape or form.

So I didn't have far to go very far once I began supplementing my diet with herbal hormone boosting.

My mannerisms have morphed with age to be feminine but not so overtly feminine that I am a caricature of someone else. 

Feminine behavior for me has always been just more normal and more right for me.

I guess I just because broke through that mental blockage or whatever others have many many years ago.

My internal hormone levels have always been most closely aligned to a woman's range according to my doctors and I guess that reinforces what is meant to be.

I explore my feminine self every day with woman's panties, hosiery dress socks, blouses, pants and flats that make up my wardrobe. Nothing loud or blatant but all from the Woman's Department of my local store.

The woman inside me reigns and my feminine side is just right for me.

It is ALWAYS there for those who care to take the time to look.

Funny, not every one does take the time.

It's okay ... I am me, a woman at all times.
Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
2 Responses Jun 20, 2012

go girl

Well said Josie and I couldn't agree more with everything you said. For me the femme comes naturally ... even my wife has commented on that. I am feminine not effeminent.

Effeminate, that was what I was looking for when I said 'caricature'. It, effeminate, is something that just doesn't seem right and mostly out of place when I see it in others. If it isn't natural it is forced and forced is never right.

Exactly ... you are so right effeminate is a caricature of a women, but it isn't being a woman and feminie.