I'm A Guy

Don't get me wrong - I don't want to be a woman and I'm straight - but I want to explore the sides of me (emotionally) that are feminine so that I have a better understanding of women and of being human. I believe that women are generally superior in their understanding of empathy. They view it with much more depth and complexity than most men I have met do. Men are afraid of emotions. They view feminine aspects of themselves as weaknesses they must supress. They seem to think that either act like a man, or you are not one. They don't realise that gender is just a term refering to body parts and hormones. In reality, our spirit is a mix of the sexes. Women have taught me to care, to cry, and to nurture. The men in my life have taught me discipline, duty, and leadership. I try to embrace the best of both.

BoderlandMan BoderlandMan
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3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Very good analysis. It really does take a strong man to explore his feminine side, to learn and understand. Most of all, to not be ashamed in the process. Be proud, you are in the minority.

well put a lot people don't understand

i wish more people/men thought like this and knew that sometimes its ok to cry and be sensitive.