Battle Of The Flesh And Spirit

Battle of the Flesh and Spirit and How it can Effect You're Life


One of lifes greatest challanges is having great spiritual undersatnding from God of life, His words and realities that places you within the catagories of many of His words within the Holy Bible such as Ezekiel in chapter two of his book.  Paul had such great hardships that Satan was always buffeting him with that when his own brethren turned on him; keeping strong in the Spirit of God was as a real fight that required a great and true Spirit to deal with because there was no one else to trust, so when your only hope turns false and against you its very difficult. And for me as a man that lives only for God with absolutely no other life and a world of brethren in the Lord that are missing God's greatest expectation such as His own godly characters of genuine love, I can so very well understand what Paul went through and the experiences of Job and his friends judging and turning against him.


“For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.

Romans 7:15, 17


It is because of being used to the battles between the flesh and the Spirit that we have to be in continual self examination to be as overcomers which is to always maintain love and forgivness while never judging because those commandments are the mind of Christ that we must duplicate in order to be overcomers of the god of this world filled with darkness and deception that few can see.


At one time I was worth close to half a million liquid. My down hill slide was an over loving heart with generosity and kindness to churches and individuals along with a head injury that also greatly affected other decisions that eventually left me with nothing.


Yesterday  I went to a person and borrowed 100 peso [ 2 dollars] and signed a piece of paper because I needed the money to buy Advil  Plus we have no food and a power shut off notice for being twenty two dollars behind. Welcome to my life for the past three years. Today my wife took an easyride [little minivan public transportation] a couple hours away to get another teachers loan because we have nothing to eat, bills, our hollow block and bamboo home that needs more work and materials and just a life of withouts while never complaining to God. And what she gets for a loan of perhaps $400 will not last long and our less than one hundred per month left over on her salary will be even less.


And during these past three years I have made well known my situation to churches, church people, religious web sites, brethren, ministers, pastors and just anybody having to do with God because of my strong faith and 18 year history with God; and my result has been as you just read; plus I am one very illegal immigrant that has not been able to pay the Philippine Bureau of Immigration since August of 2007.


If anyone just takes the time to read about the life of my wife and I in my group “Dedication to God” or just be different and be a real friend and ask me questions you will come to know very much about me. I am normal, genuine true and people like me very much and children love me. But religious people seem cold towards me in the way Christ was hated and in the way scorpions did not believe Ezekiel in chapter two of his book.


My meals have been oatmeal and bread for today, rice, leaves and fish yesterday, and the same the day before, and pretty much the same for the past three years. A year ago I was very bitter against all religious people because their lips say love, love with how much they care but their hearts have always left me hungry and hurting; but with great and mighty thanks and glory to God I have overcome because I have the love of Christ and just also ask the Father to forgive them all for they know not what they do because we are all but human beings that can and do make mistakes.

What's most important is to understand that God is love, and we as the active body of Christ are to follow our Head and obey His commandment to love each other as He loved us. John 13:34. Without that love no matter how much faith, knowledge and understand we may have, we are nothing to God. 1 Corinthians 13:2.

So where does lack of love leave a person? To not have that love is to break a commandment, and to break commandments is to lose blessings, and the loss of those blessings are for entrance to the tree of life which should be a subject of the most value to our hearts and mind because its our own future according to our Father that everything is naked and opened too. In plain truth nothing can be hidden in our hearts that He even knows the intent of. So regardless what our lips may say about how much love and care we have for others, God knows exactly what can't be hidden because our hearts tell all things. Hebrews 4:12-13  Revelation 22:14 

I live for God 24 hours of each day because He is my heart and His words are my blood-flow; and without God I would surely die. Yet to this day after 39 months of seeking only small helps here and there none is to be found.  God put me where I am because He knew I would keep my faith, and spread a message of truth. So where is all the brotherly love is a question that I have been asking for so long that its feels meaningless!  Yet I have learned to understand very well exactly where that love is because I breathe by the words of God that are my whole life’s function. The few that know the true answer to that question will be who sends some help that’s so greatly needed after such a long period of time without almost everything. Three years of a soapy hand and do it yourself poured water for tissue paper, no seat, two pans that are below Sanford and son rates of quality, no vacuum many ants, leaky roof to where one light come on and off by itself in heavy rains as we put three buckets in different places to catch water, and the list goes on and on that no one really wants to hear.

I am a man of God that is prepared to do whatever God’s will may be; and my greatest concerns are what are coming in the forms of great tribulation and massive deaths that people just refuse to become truly educated on directly from the words of God without man in the middle to twist and change meanings. God has blessed me with not being of this world. John 15:18-19.

He has also blessed me with wanting only the mind of Christ that wants only to please the Father. And with all that He has given me my faith in want and desire is to be that of Job, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, Daniel, Elijah, Paul, Abraham and all great men of God because the fiery furnaces are being turned up hotter than ever before.

Thousands of people read my writings because I am so totally dedicated to God, but I live in the lowest pits of life and still keep very strong faith that does not waver but remains solid and stable. If very many of those who claim to follow Christ could just spare ten or twenty dollars and multiply it by 100 people, my wife and I could finish our bamboo 20’x18’ home on a 30’x30’ lot that we still owe $600 dollars on. Our monthly income for her being a 1st grade teacher is less that 100 per month and she has 68 students.

I have maintained and my wife has maintained because we have the faith to know that God loves us both, Proverbs 8:17, knows our needs, Matthew 6:8, is pleased with our faith, Hebrews 11:6, will reward us, 1 Samuel 2:8, so we trust in Him and cast all of our cares upon Him, 1 Peter 5:7

My Bible is so worn out and all marked up in three separate sections with different tapes and writings scattered every where that makes it look like an antique road map to eternity. My Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance RSV and other taped up little KJV have book worms, ants and dust that I have no control over. My hardships are too many to list so I say no more while knowing that God has been preparing me for a purpose according to His will and not mine because I belong to Him for His use. My greatest vision is this whole world and all of the sufferings within worldwide; and with thanks to our Almighty Father soon will be no more. But the bad news must come before the good, and the message that Christ came to deliver is not fully understood by the majority who look to the words of man who God labels as the blind leading the blind, because if shepherds properly fed their flocks, those within the flocks would be well fed sheep rather than goats. And that is Gods answer to the question. Matthew 25:31-46



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Mar 5, 2010