Crappy Day @ School.

Ok, so I think my first story is going to be kind of really stupid but I feel like writing something... I was at school and there's this girl who I met during the summer and it turned out she is dating my ex, so I have many reasons to not like her..I ws with my friends and I told them that I was going to make Ally which is the girl who is dating my ex, Cheston, and Cheston break up.. And other than that I also said that I'd make out with him infront of her.. She is a total ****, in a certain way I also acted like a **** but still... So the thing is that I told my "friends" and they told their friends an someone told Cheston and Ally, and there's where the drama starts, I mean OH ****! SO I just said that I didn't say that, and like everybody in the hallway was staring and hearing what I said and they were like You Pretty Little Liar.. >:( I should have just shut up!!!!
Adora53771 Adora53771
13-15, F
Sep 18, 2012