This is an update from one of my posts about my bf and I moving in together and how aggravating and intrusive his mom was. Anyway, its been 4 months now that me and my bf have been living in our new home. It feels so great to have privacy and not having to worry about if someone is listening on our conversations and interrupting our relationship.

Me and his mother have not had any issues, she's visited us a few times but she calls before coming which is very considerate. We visit her a few times as well. Now that I have a new job, my hours are a little limited because I'm working and studying, which feels nice.

I don't feel like I'm walking on egg shells or having to kiss a** or putting my feelings on the back burner because of someone else. *sighs of relief* And my bf and I really have the time to connect more and discuss more of our future without it being micro managed by his mom.

Anyway, the most important part is that my bf actually feel more like a couple because we help each other house around the house and work etc. It just feels nice :D ♥
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Glad to hear things are getting better :)