Tired Of The Worse

I am 21 with two kids no friends just had a devistating break up and on top of that I am pregnant. My ex wants me to get an abortion and I hate him. All I have is my two kids he was my only friend I am just about homeless my mother is deceasec and my only friend moved away just months ago. I try hard to make my kids happy but due to my unhappiness I still feel like ****. I have no job and cant buy diapers or clothes. I am emotionally torn about the abortion and how men can be so meanl I have no ine to talk to at al I am scared and lonely abd heartbroken... It hurts..
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Hun, My mom was 21 with 3 kids.
Me. my younger sister by 1 1/2 yrs and my older brother, 3 1/2 yrs older. We had one hell of a life.

can i tell you about it?

Bill in Toronto

You are young and i presume you still have your health. Perhaps not much consolation to read that now but for some that much is quite alot! Your story is heart breaking. I pray there is some form of community where you live which can offer a life line of services or least a shoulder to cry on. Young mohters should receive generous government support. I know in many countries they do but in others they do not. You posted your story in May, I wonder where you are now.
Lot's of love to you and your children.