It's Almost Annoying To Talk About Anything!

my view of life is so freedom-oriented and open minded that talking with most people becomes irritating sometimes. i don't want to get mad, but sometimes the belief systems get to me. the belief systems about religion, marriage, sexuality, money, work, all of that. but i can't leave topics like that alone because i feel like they need to be discussed. sometimes i feel like i really have to sit on my hands and bite my tongue because i don't want confrontation, but daaaamn.... =)

the other day i was visiting my parents for my birthday dinner and before we started to eat, my mom said, "ok Syvilla, you pray for the meal since it's your birthday". and i was like, "i don't pray". my mother looked shocked and disappointed and asked "why did you say that?" i replied, "i don't know", simply because i didn't want to start an argument with her.

but the truth is, while i love blessings and spirituality, i think religion is rather silly, and i do my best to not partake in all the prancying around worshipping some man-made image of a bearded dude in heaven. this is really how i feel about religion, especially christianity, and i don't do things i don't like, period! but people get so offended and take this sooo personally! i'm just doing what i want and think the way i think, for a reason! i've put  a lot of thought into it, unlike most people, including my mother.

i'd like to know what are other people's views of religion and if this happens to them?
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I think that religion should be discussed, and if Its something that is being FORCED upon you, I want no part of it. But I do like being open minded to other ways of life, Because I too, am skeptical about every faith ....Ive switched mine (just so I had something to believe in,,,) and decided to just be eclectic. Like, the way I was brought up. I mean, everyone has their own opinion and I like the fact that we can all be different and believe in different things, but I know what you mean when someone has something so ingrained in their brain that there is NO way to let in other spiritual matters due to their consistency in that faith, but thats cool. Like kris said, to each their own.

@Mistake... i feel ya! i really do.

@Kris99..<br />
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"Well, I'm an off the wall crazy Christian." - your words not mine! =)<br />
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"So I love prancying around worshiping and such." ...great! keep on keepin' on!<br />
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"I don't have a problem with atheists, agnostics, or anyone of any faith unless they are attacking me or mine. (which you didn't really do)" ....i don't attack anyone, that's not my thing. glad youpicked up on that. <br />
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"So.... *shrug* whatever. To each their own. " point exactly!

I don't pray generally either. I find religions silly for the most part. But I got so much freaking grief from my mom when I stopped going to church, that although I still don't go, I join in praying before meals (if someone else initiates it) just because I don't want to have to rock the freaking boat.

Well, I'm an off the wall crazy Christian.<br />
<br />
So I love prancying around worshiping and such.<br />
<br />
I don't have a problem with atheists, agnostics, or anyone of any faith unless they are attacking me or mine. (which you didn't really do)<br />
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So.... *shrug* whatever. To each their own.